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Tree Pruning

Crown reductions, shaping, thinning and raising 

Trees are beautiful. We want you to be able to enjoy your trees to their full potential, however sometimes they may outgrow their space or encroach on a building. Whether you need a full crown reshape and reduction, or just a low limb removed to let in a little more light, GC Tree services are fully trained and qualified to help.



With practical training, academic training, and years of arboricultural experience; we aim to meet your expectations and more whilst doing what's best for the well-being of your trees and shrubs.


We will be more than happy to offer advice in when its best to prune your trees, as pruning times are species dependant. We are environmentally conscious and always check for nesting birds and other animals, regardless of the time of year. 



All waste can be removed if necessary. Tree waste and clippings are processed through our chipper, the chip then goes to local farms and allotments to be recycled, it can also be left on-site if needed. Logs can be processed for firewood or removed depending on your requirements.


Please feel free to ask us for more information during your on site visit.

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