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Tree Removal


Horse chestnut removal

Felling, dismantling, stump grinding

GC Tree Services have a reputation for being professional, careful and clean. We have experience in removing trees and shrubs of every size, whether they are in an open space or directly above your new conservatory, your garden will be left looking spotless.

GC Tree Services can remove stumps or poison them, depending on your needs. We use an Alpine stump grinder which can be carried through tight spaces, up stairs or even through your house to access those hard to reach stumps that other stump grinders just can't get to. Because of it's small footprint, which is only 5% of a conventional stump grinder, there is less impact on your garden.


Ash takedown


All waste can be removed if necessary. Tree waste and clippings are processed through our chipper, the chip then goes to local farms and allotments to be recycled, it can also be left on-site if needed. Logs can be processed for firewood or removed depending on your requirements.

Please feel free to ask us for more information during your on site visit.

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